Southern Made – Who are we? And why are we here?

Our Mission

We empower people to solve product, engineering and marketing problems in new ways. Our Mantra? Explore what's possible. Southern Made is a Digital Solutions Lab that exists to explore life's possibilities. We seek out and explore new opportunities, connections, relationships and destinations. See some of our work.

Our principles

BE BOLD. Explore new opportunities with courage and curiosity.

BE ACCOUNTABLE. Say what you will do, then do what you say.

BE YOU. Bring your authentic self to everything you do.

Our fearless leaders

  • Chris “Ferf” Mcintyre
    Chris “Ferf” Mcintyre Partner | CEO
  • Adam Small
    Adam Small Partner | Business Development
  • Matt Mueller
    Matt Mueller Partner | CTO

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Chris “Ferf” Mcintyre

Partner | CEO Chris “Ferf” Mcintyre

When people ask what I do as CEO, I always say the same thing: "I set the strategic vision, I make sure there is money in the bank, and I do the shit no one else wants to do". I take each of these roles seriously.

By trade, I am a product designer. It is my job to observe and understand significant patterns of human behavior, to discover the motivations that drive them, and to design the tools that help people make the most of those tools. This is true for our clients and for our company as well. I lead improvements in every aspect of our business. I work with clients to deeply understand and create large-scale applications and I work with our team to create an environment where we all want to work. I love my job.

I have been running business for more than 20 years. I have started and built companies ranging from venture funded advertising networks in Silicon Valley to market leading healthcare platforms in Nashville. I am an entrepreneur, builder and mentor - and Southern Made is the culmination of those passions.

Personally, I have a loving wife and 2 young kids. We travel the US in our motorhome, and I spend a significant amount of time on my bike.

Adam Small

Partner | Business Development Adam Small

Connect: I am a passionate & motivated connector. A serial entrepreneur who thrives on the chaos and thrill of the new venture. I truly enjoy meeting new people, learning, sharing & forging lifelong relationships.

Cultivate: I am a Catalyst! Always one to shake things up, stir the pot, question the status quo, embrace change. I pride myself on making things happen and getting sh*t done!. There is no more exhilarating challenge than transcending from whiteboard to reality, uncovering what new challenges or opportunities a company, brand or individual can leverage.

Succeed: I am fortunate!

  • To work alongside like-minded professionals whom I learn from daily just through osmosis
  • To be a part of an incredible family tree ripe with wisdom and success
  • To access a personal network of mentors, peers and lifelong advocates

Wherever my travels take me, I am always game for coffee + conversation. Let's explore what is possible!

Matt Mueller

Partner | CTO Matt Mueller

What happens if hundreds of thousands of people show up on the site all at once? How can we build something that actually helps us do things instead of making more work? Can we build an Alexa app...but for cats?

At Southern Made, I spend my time using technology to answer questions and solve problems. I oversee the development team that builds all technical projects - everything from simple Wordpress sites to mobile apps and AR. We work to ensure that all clients receive a product that uses the appropriate technologies for the task at hand, emphasizing technical stability and ease of maintenance.

Prior to Southern Made, I was one of the first technical employees at Change Healthcare, where I helped build the company's cost transparency tools. Change Healthcare was acquired by Emdeon in 2014. I also founded and led technology development for, a "big data" and engagement platform utilized by all major music labels. The technology built at was acquired by Zealot Networks in 2015.

When I'm not at a computer, I enjoy running ultramarathons and home brewing beer.