McDonald’s Ritmo y Color AR Mural

Since its introduction in 2021, McDonald’s Ritmo y Color has provided a platform for music and visual storytellers to showcase their talent through exclusive online and in-restaurant events, celebrating the culture and collective pride of the Hispanic community.

The 2023 Ritmo y Color immersive journey is a music and art collaboration featuring musical performances, as well as art installations in select McDonald’s restaurants.🍔🎵

Seven talented Hispanic visual artists have been selected to transform McDonald’s restaurants in their hometowns with their cultural artwork that highlights their unique cultural backgrounds. Each of these visual storytellers come from diverse communities and pay homage to the richness of their Latino heritage in unique, authentic ways.

McDonald’s brought all of the artists together for a collaborative mural featuring key elements from each of their installations. Fans that stop by the participating locations in person can scan the mural to unlock an augmented reality experience that brings the artwork to life! 🌈 💙

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