Now Hiring: Director of Projects

Role Summary

As the Director of Project Management, you will be the linchpin between our project management teams and the executive leadership, specifically acting as a bridge to the CEO. Your role will focus on leading, mentoring, and enhancing the efficiency of our project managers, who are divided into specialized groups handling various scales and types of projects. You will play a crucial role in advocating for the team’s needs, driving the evolution of our project management practices, and ensuring the delivery of top-tier service to our clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leadership and Development: Lead the project management team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and high performance. Conduct regular one-on-one meetings to mentor and support individual growth.
  • Operational Excellence: Streamline project assignment and management processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure projects are allocated appropriately, taking into account team strengths and workload balance.
  • Communication and Advocacy: Serve as a key communicator between the project management team and executive leadership. Advocate for the team’s needs, resources, and support to ensure project success and team well-being.
  • Strategic Planning: Collaborate with executive leadership to refine project management strategies, contributing to the agency’s long-term growth and the potential establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO).
  • HR Responsibilities: Manage compensation, paid time off, and other HR-related aspects for the project management team, ensuring alignment with agency policies and culture.
  • Quality and Standards: Uphold and advance our standards of quality across all projects. Ensure our work not only meets but exceeds client expectations.


  • Proven experience in project management leadership, preferably within a technical or creative agency environment.
  • Strong understanding of digital project types (websites, mobile apps, augmented reality, etc.) and the project lifecycle from scoping to maintenance.
  • Exceptional organizational, communication, and leadership skills, with a track record of building and mentoring cohesive teams.
  • Experience in operational strategy and the ability to implement processes that enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Familiarity with HR responsibilities, including team compensation, hiring, and performance management.
  • Ability to work remotely and manage a team distributed across various locations.

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to lead a diverse and talented project management team within a rapidly growing agency.
  • A fully remote work environment, with a team spread across 10 different states.
  • A role that offers significant impact on our operations, team development, and client satisfaction.
  • Competitive compensation, reflecting the seniority and impact of the role with performance-based bonuses.
  • A supportive and dynamic culture focused on innovation, teamwork, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.
  • Comprehensive benefits package including 401k, profit-sharing, and wellness reimbursements.

About Us

Southern Made is a dynamic, fully remote technical project management agency with a strong footprint across experiential, marketing, and branding landscapes. With a team of 15+ talented individuals located in 10 different states, we deliver 300+ projects annually, ranging from websites and mobile apps to augmented reality experiences and catering to a diverse clientele, including both agencies and direct brands. Our commitment is to transform ideas into tangible results, ensuring excellence from conception to deployment and beyond.

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