Ways to Boost User Engagement with Technology

Let’s face it, we’re living in a digital world.

We ALL have to adapt our marketing strategies in new ways that entice and engage consumers and fans. With a few easy steps, and a partnership with Southern Made, your company could quickly enhance your user engagement and understand what exactly it is that they want.

1. Use data to boost fan engagement

Understanding who your users and fans are is one of the best ways to market directly to them. If you can collect data from fan surveys, social media activity and engagement analytics, website metrics, device preferences, ticket sales, etc., you can better understand your market to then adapt your strategies. Analyzing data is one of the biggest and best ways to properly market, as you can find trends and preferences through a few simple analytics trackers. This can then lead you to engage your current fans and attract new ones.

Comdata ROI Calculator

Comdata – ROI Calculator


2. Personalization

Experiences tends to be broad and impersonal, so utilize the technology you are providing to make the fans feel like they aren’t just another number. Using innovative personalized experiences will make the user feel like they are a part of something, even if it is just online. From a personalized Augmented Reality phone experience to a simple email thanking them by name for being a fan, there are plenty of ways to gain fan engagement through personalized digital experiences.

Speak Your Sauce

Lea & Perrins – Speak Your Sauce


3. Innovation

We all want to feel wowed. Give your fans something to be wowed by within your campaign’s technology. At Southern Made, we provide innovative technology platforms that will ultimately boost your fan engagement by making them feel they are interacting with the future. Once you have found an innovative technology that your analytics displays will be popular with your fans, you can then market this platform and gain much more fan engagement than ever before

NFL Trading Cards

NFL – Show Your Stuff Digital Card Maker


Triple your engagement with personalized technology and analytics, and show your fans you care about who they are and about their experience as a user.

Make the decision to use technology to your benefit and understand your market, and Southern Made can help make your vision a reality.

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