Summer Fridays at Southern Made!

What Are Summer Fridays?

By now you have probably heard of Summer Fridays. It’s a practice where companies help support their teams mental health and happiness through work-life balance, with the key component being some version of a 4 day work week with Fridays being part time, on demand, or completely off. These policies comes in many forms and are specific to each company. You have arrived here likely from a link in an email from someone on our team saying they will be off on a given Friday. So let me describe our policy more for you to understand.

4 Day Weeks at Southern Made

We don’t offer just “Summer Fridays”, but periodically through the year, to prevent or reduce burnout, we have periods of time for 4 day work weeks. Here are the rules and how we can support you as a partner of ours:

  1. You can ALWAYS reach out to one of the Southern Made owners: Adam, Matt of Ferf via email, phone or text
  2. Your project manager will work Monday through Thursday to keep your project on track during this time, extending working hours if needed
  3. Designers, developers and other technical resources will still work normal hours to deliver on your project. This policy applies to Southern Made project management staff
  4. Project deadlines should not be on a Friday if at all possible
  5. Project milestones and deadlines will not be affected by 4 day work weeks

Benefits of Summer Fridays to Our Team

  • Helps prevent burnout
  • Inspires better performance
  • Builds trust and loyalty
  • Helps us recruit and retain the best team members

Is it actually possible that our entire staff can work 4 day work weeks? No, that is not realistic. But we love our team, and we love our clients – so we are willing to put in the extra work to see what is possible to keep everyone happy and healthy.

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